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Cv CV writing course

This course covers everything you need to know about the preparation of your CV to how to handle yourself in an Interview situation

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Cv eWork goes professional

eWork.co.za now has a professional option where we do your professional CV for you.

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Bullet Cv Maker eWork is LIVE
The site is up and running and ready for you! You can start using eWork today, it is free.

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Let us do your CV for you

Matriculant / Entry level CVs

For school leavers and entry level CVs we offer professional preparation of your CV including a full telephonic interview and a cover letter, one page and full CV emailed to you within a quick turn around time. Price R250.

Intermediary CVs

For people midway through their career, we recognise that there are a multitude of situations and we are happy to assess your CV and make recommendations on which type of service would best suit your CV. We recognise that you might be climbing the corporate ladder in which case we would recommend a full consultation (see below for High Level management CVs) or that you might have been retrenched or be making a sideways move in which case our option above may be the best one for you.

High Level Management CVs

For high level executives we offer a full consultation, which includes a personal interview (1 - 2 hours), digital, printed and bound full CV including a digital photo, cover letter, and one page CV for faxing. We offer a variety of formats, designs and styles. Price: R600.

In any of these options, we offer the following extras:

Printed and bound CV sent to you via Speed Services Counter to Counter R160
Printed CV, cover letter and one page CV sent to you via counter via Speed Services Counter to Counter R110
CV, cover letter and one page CV saved on disc and sent to you via via Speed Services Counter to Counter R110
Printed and bound CV, cover letter and one page CV via Speed Services Counter to Counter R140

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